“That was way better than I expected. I was planning on crocheting a sweater today and never even picked up my needles.”

“The morning flew by because I was actually engaged in what was going on. I would love to get a copy of your mindful strategies cards. I plan to use them next year and am introducing them to my department at the end of the year meeting. Thank you so much.”

We have presentations prepared for:

  • Inclusive early childhood education
  • Teaching the behavior you want to see
  • Taking meaningful data and using it
  • Tackling personal biases that impede relationships with learners
  • Meaningful and valuable partnerships with families
  • Growing positive, inclusive classroom communities
  • Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)

And we’re ready to develop presentations for your needs!

Contact us to discuss scheduling and pricing for a highly-engaging, thought-provoking professional development opportunity with immediate takeaways for your team to apply in classroom.

“Your sessions were absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for engaging in purposeful staff development.”

“Thank you for bringing Jen and Mira to our school.  Everything they said has been what we have worked on the past two years and it was beautifully said.  One quote that is driving our next steps in VTSS and Accountability team is ‘If we want to teach behaviors are our systems doing that?’  That is a our driving question as we continue to grow as a building.” 

“I wish every teacher at my school could have heard this today.”

“‘Change the environment not the student’ … that quote just says it all and is so easy to remember. Also how ‘inclusion isn’t a place, or a teacher, etc. It is about belonging.’ As always, I love listening to Jen and wish I could just attend her college classes.”