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    Jen Newton

    What remaining questions or concerns do you have that we as a group can think about together?


    Jared Tschohl

    I would like to see if the author addresses external factors that impact students in school.

    In my current role, I wish I had the knowledge now that I did when I was teaching. We as teachers, see a child walk through the classroom door, and do not usually consider what happened the night before or even that morning.

    The two biggest factors I have seen that directly influence a child’s well-being at school are dietary needs and sleep hygiene. (Yes, this goes back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and seems obvious), BUT when you see it in action it is very powerful. I meet many students who eat “junk” all the time, chicken nuggets, chips, soda, etc. Sometimes, they limit themselves to no more than ten different foods, and parents give in, because it is easier than trying to engage in a battle with the child. Sleep too is a huge factor. I NEVER was allowed to have electronics in my room growing up. TV and our old “fat” desktop computer were in communal areas. Many kids I meet today, they all have TVs, tablets, or phones in their rooms during bedtime. They stay up for all hours of the night and never get decent sleep, and we expect them to be compliant and alert for 7 hours? I once had a client under the age of 10, who had a 52 inch TV in their bedroom! I don’t even have one that big in my living room!

    Add-on families with financial instability, domestic violence, drugs/alcohol, kids living with grandparents/great-grandparents, etc. The fact that children even make it to school at all is surprising to me at times!

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