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    Jill Sweeney

    The remainder of the book provided information on understanding your learners. In order to best teach your students, you have to know where each student is and accommodate them at their level while pushing them to grow and challenge them to learn. We must also reflect on ourselves and how we are teaching. If something is not working, make sure you step back and see what you are doing that is preventing student growth.

    This book has definitely challenged my thinking. I think that many of us are learning content that is spit out in lectures throughout our days in college rather than giving real life applications. I definitely have a few classes which challenge me to think broader, but the majority are just to get my degree. This book has taken my mind in a different path and allowed me to grow as a future educator. I think that Willingham makes many good points in his book that I have not had the chance to grapple with. Because this book has distinct opinions but they are backed up with information, I felt that Willingham has given all teachers a resource to learn from.

    During practicum, I would not say that I changed many of my ways of thinking but I have changed in my ways of backing up my opinion on teaching and learning. I was able to learn from my practicum site things that I do not want to do in my own classroom. It is important that I learned how to stand my ground in situations where I was being challenged to form into the way of teaching that was present during my practicum site.


    Both through reading Willingham’s book and through logging countless hours at my practicum site, i learned so much and had a lot of my preexisting ideas and beliefs challenged. I think the book worked really well in conjunction with our work in classrooms. I thought the structure of reading from a book and learning new ideas, and then applying that new thinking in real life experiences was very cool.
    My practicum classroom experience specifically was very beneficial. The 3 teachers in the room were awesome and were super receptive to my ideas. They gave me a lot of power in the room with the kids and allowed me to work with them as i saw fit. Being in a self contained classroom in a public school was not initially what i thought i wanted out of practicum, but I’m so glad i was pushed out of my comfort zone. I learned so much from the kids and teachers, and think that the experience i got was invaluable to my future work with children.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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